The Team

Nos pusimos de gala para la foto

Arturo Monedero - Game Designer

Arturo Monedero is game designer and member of the Royal Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. He is Founding Partner and Creative Director of Delirium Studios. But where he really stands out is playing any FIFA (from 94!) – if you drop into the office, do not forget to challenge him.

Asier Quesada - CEO

Asier is videogames producer and member of the Royal Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. He is Founding Partner and Delirium Studios’ CEO. He is always trying to beat Arturo at FIFA but there’s no chance - he has reached jedai levels at Puzzle Bubble though.

Iván Armada - CTO

Ivan is Delirium’s chief programmer, he has more than 20 games on his back and an extensive experience as programmer – an actual expert from Amiga 500... a diamond every single business should have.

Mikel Váquez - 3D Artist

Mikel is a graphic designer. He sees the world in 3D, great at shaping your ideas.. A extreme sports, dancing and partying lover...

Dani Andia - Code

Super-programmer, super-gamer and better person... Right, he looks a cuckoo, but he is actually one of the best gameplay programmers nationwide - no kidding.

Alexandra Samper - User Research

Doctor Samper has left temporary the academy to show us what the hell users want. She thinks more on users than on us...

Ane Pikaza - Concept Artist

Ane Pikaza is our wonder woman. Ane collaborates with us frecuently. We stole her time on stages (actress) and purposed her to co-create with us.. (talented illustrator). The result? She gave soul thorough oil painting to our little Alice - find "The Rivers of Alice" on the PRESSKIT upper button.

Daniel Tejerina - Music

Daniel Tejerina is our OST jedai!! Click on the PRESSKIT upperbutton to try our award-winning OSTs. His work on "The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind" is his latest master piece. Audience and critics love him more than other team congratulate him, feel envy, and love him afterwards..look at that face, cannot hate him..