The Rivers of Alice is a classic-style emotional graphic adventure set in a universe of puzzles and characters inspired by the lyrics of Vetusta Morla’s songs – a well-known indy-rock Spanish band. Every time Alice falls asleep, she enters in a fantasy world where the player must help her face her fears: Sloth, Envy, Dishonesty… It’s a game to be played leisurely, enjoying the beautiful watercolor, ink and graphite images, as well as the soundtrack that was composed expressly for it by Vetusta Morla. The graphic adventure includes 10 characters and 20 puzzles on 15 screens, with 11 sound environments and 13 exclusive Vetusta Morla compositions. 700 main character animations, 177 conversations, 717 objects and characters in more than 1500 art-filled illustrations bringing Alice’s universe to life.


In 2012, Delirium Studios set out to create “The Rivers of Alice,” along with Vetusta Morla and the artist Ane Pikaza. Theirs is a river that runs against the current of the industry. Using the Madrid band’s already created imaginary of their songs as a starting point, Delirium began to work on puzzle designs, characters and scenery. Vetusta Morla would later on draw on those designs as a source of inspiration to compose an exclusive soundtrack – closing the creative circle. It is a slow game which goal is not to rush, even during its creation process in which even the smallest detail is obsessively pampered. This process ended up with the publication of a much more intimate and personal creation than what we are get used to in the video game industry. Let’s read it as a vindication of its creators, who understand video games as a form of cultural and artistic expression. “The Rivers of Alice” has been recognized by public and critics, through downloads and awards, as: the best of App Store in 2013 (according to Apple), the Best Spanish App of 2013 (according to TheAppDate); it has also been recognized at the Gamelab National Video Game Industry Awards 2013, receiving the award for Best Soundtrack and Best Art Direction.


  • A beautiful graphic adventure.
  • Vibrant, emotional soundtrack by Vetusta Morla.
  • Each screen is an animated work of art.
  • An immersive and inspiring gaming experience.
  • Includes texts in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Basque.


Images, Logo & Icon

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Awards & Recognition

  • “Best Art Direction and Best Original Soundtrack Award.” 5th Gamelab National Video Game Industry Awards 2013
  • “Best Spanish App”. The App Date 2013
  • “BEST OF 2013 in AppStore”. Apple
  • “Best Soundtrack Award” Granada Gaming Festival 2015
  • “Nominated to Best Soundtrack and Best Basque Videogame “ AZ Play Awards 2015
  • “Nominated to Best Original Soundtrak and Best Mobile/Tablet Videogame” Fun and Serious Game Festival Awards 2015

Selected Articles

  • “A classic graphic adventure set in an exceptional graphic environment, with a soundtrack by Vetusta Morla.”
    - Vandal,
  • “The Rivers of Alice: playing with emotions.”
    - Mundogamers,
  • “A delight to the eyes. We could say that it is more of an experience for the senses than a game per se.”
    - Alfabetajuega,
  • “Seductive and fascinating, The Rivers of Alice is the perfect game for fans of adventure games.”
    - 148apps,

About Delirium Studios

Delirium Studios is an independent video game studio that aspires to create innovative video games from an artistic perspective. Delirium guys are well known nationwide to be loyal to a set of values, such as considering videogames as an artistic expression, and to be capable to take their premises to reality through high quality standards, by surrounding themselves of the most talented and vocational teams. Painters, musicians, interior designers, and other professionals from other creative industries are in dialogue with Delirium to create every new delusion – which, each time, seems to get bigger and bigger, by the way… Let’s see, what would be next?





Delirium Studios

Based in Bilbao, Spain


Releasea date:

September / 24 / 2015



WiiU / Steam




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