Baron Von Sottendorff is an aristocrat of the early 20th century. He doesn’t know it, but he is really living trapped in a grid drawing of his mansion – created by his own lunatic mind. The game has a new focus, combining the essence of platforming with puzzles, in a delightful scenery created with the most artistic props. Main aim for the gamer is to free Baron Von Sottendorff from his own madness. To do so, one can easily move around all rooms of the mansion until doors between rooms can be connected, and so, the Baron can be moved from one to another. Baron should overcome challenges appearing along the way to level up and to unlock baron’s memories. The more memories one gets, the closer to regain his sanity! This game includes 40 different levels, made of 200 rooms and 800 exclusively designed props for each environment: a living room, a cellar, an attic, a Factory, a cemetery, a garden and a surreal world representing “time” inside baron’s mind. Baron should overcome 16 enemies in total, but this is not a game to kill, those enemies are there just to bother on baron’s path. In this case, our charismatic main character has a trumpet, instead of a gun… When it sounds, hidden items appear – such a bridge connecting different levels of the same room. All those elements create a very fresh proposal!


Von Sottendorff, although cuckoo, is a lucky guy… He has counted with about 40 professionals participating on the development of his challenge! Among them, baron’s mansion has been touched by the expert hands of an interior designer, best musicians from outside the video game industry have recorded its soundtrack through a holophonic system, and every single professional who took part on the process left his or her scent… Von Sottendorff is made, nowadays, of a great mixture of different expertise and it took a great effort to become such a unique game. “The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind” had an original mechanics on its bases, and main challenge faced during the development process was to reach same levels of originality and quality through graphics, music and sound until being comparable with bigger studio’s works – with bigger budgets too…


  • New game mechanics.
  • 3D sound. Music and voices recorded with a holophonic system.
  • Moving story line.
  • 8 different worlds, with 40 challenging levels and 18 different types of enemies.
  • Extremely beautiful artistic scenery, with 200 exclusive rooms.
  • Voices in English and Spanish.


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Awards & Recognition

  • “Winner Best Original Idea.” Fun and Serious Festival 15
  • “Winner Best Spanish Production.” Fun and Serious Festival 15
  • “Winner Best Basque Game.” AzPlay 15

About Delirium Studios

Delirium Studios is an independent video game studio that aspires to create innovative video games from an artistic perspective. Delirium guys are well known nationwide to be loyal to a set of values, such as considering videogames as an artistic expression, and to be capable to take their premises to reality through high quality standards, by surrounding themselves of the most talented and vocational teams. Painters, musicians, interior designers, and other professionals from other creative industries are in dialogue with Delirium to create every new delusion – which, each time, seems to get bigger and bigger, by the way… Let’s see, what would be next?






Delirium Studios

Based in Bilbao, Spain


Releasea date:

17 / Diciembre / 2015






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