Dare to be an orchestra conductor!


SOS! The concert date is fast approaching, musicians have fled, and director’s nerves are going out of control, all scores have fallen down … Put them in order and hire the necessary musicians to complete the band. Could you?

• 40 classical music masterpieces.
• Three chances – before losing your baton.
• Level up to unlock musicians.
• Compare scores with friends.
• Easy and fun to play – but a real challenge to become the very best.


Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi … A musical puzzle composed by forty masterpieces – all of them divided into different parts easily identifiable by colors. Player should put in order those colored parts to run the concert appropriately. But take care! The director is a bad-tempered man and breaks a baton for each mistake… If you break them all, the show is over!

Kinito Music Puzzle requires to sharpen the musical sense and ability. Among its repertoire there are the most popular and beautiful masterpieces, carefully selected, of all history – which turns this music puzzler into the best classical music game.


Check it out!




Data Sheet

Genre: Puzzler, Musical
Challenges: 40
Developer: Delirium Studios & Roberto
Publisher: Delirium Studios
Price: Free
Release date: June 21th, 2013